Bless Online – Group and party bonuses and buffs

Bless Online Powerleveling “Tips and Tricks” #1

This is the first part of Gaming on Top’s guideline and deep knowledge compendium.
We will gather and publish the most useful information about Bless Online mechanics and gameplay. All the tips and tricks from some of the best of the best players in the game.
Have fun reading! =)

#1 Bless Online – Group and party bonuses and buffs

In Bless Online it’s very important to group up as much as possible! Playing with friends in a team is not only more fun for playing together, but in addition the game mechanics give group play a big benefit!

Here’s a list of all bonuses and buffs you receive while being in a leveling group to boost your Bless Online character’s level:

Bless Online COMBAT

Combat – Attack:
General Group Buffs

  • 3% power, agility, intelligence, wisdom (3 man group)
  • Attack/Spell power 15%/25% (3/5 man group)
  • 1.7% crit (3 man group)
  • 2.5% crit 10%crit damage (5 man group)
  • 3% damage to players (3 man group)
  • 3% damage to players 2.5% reduced damage from players (5 man group)

Ranger/Mage (5man group, 1 of each and 3 of any class)

  • When you move gain a buff every 3 seconds at 5 stacks gives you 45% damage on next attack
  • Increased damage the further away you are up to 20% attack/spell power and 10% crit

Guardian/Berserker/Assassin (5man group, 1 of each and 3 of any class)

  • Gain attack speed buff for 3 seconds stacks up to 5 times 4% each
  • If you deal damage 6 times and next hit has 100% crit

Combat – Defense:

  • Physical and magical defense increased by 4%/6.5% 
  • Hp increased 3.3%/5.6% 

Paladin/Guardian  (5man group, 1 of each and 3 of any class)

  • 20% hp and physical and magical defense increase


  • When you take damage gain 5% physical and magic defense stacks 5 times

Guardian/Berserker  (5man group, 1 of each and 3 of any class)

  • Reflect 3% damage to enemies

Ranger/Assassin  (5man group, 1 of each and 3 of any class)

  • When you fall below 13% of your max hp, gain a 50% move speed and 90% damage reduction buff for 5 seconds

Combat – Utility:

Ranger/Assassin  (5man group, 1 of each)

  • When you kill an enemy gain a 50% move speed for 2 seconds
  • Don’t do anything for 10 seconds gain a buff for 1.3% health per second (3p)

Guardian/Berserker/Ranger/Mage/Assassin  (5man group, 1 of each)

  • Increase recovery skills by 60%

Combat – Boss:

  • Do 5% more damage to dungeon boss and take 15% less damage from boss (5 man group)

Combat – Class – requires 5 of the same class to activate

20% max hp 20% block rate

When you take 13% max health damage gain a 50% damage buff for 5 seconds. Gain 10% max hp over 5 seconds when you kill 20 second cooldown

16% cdr 10% backwards move speed

40% spell power, 10% crit, gain resource when you crit

23% increased healing, increased effect when healing allies 30% some kind of barrier, damage reduction equal to wisdom

50% increase in back attacks, 10% move speed

Bless Online LIFESKILL


  • 11% increase in gained from mining/gathering
  • 15% increase in speed of mining/gathering
  • 20% increase in while mining/gathering
  • 25% increase in speed of gathering/mining
  • 25% increase in gained from mining/gathering
  • 50% increase in gained from mining/gathering


  • 3% increase in xp from hunting
  • 8% more guild xp
  • 3% more gold acquisition
  • 4% more honor points
  • 4% more adventure points
  • 100% more swim speed
  • 5% bonus xp when killing mobs and players / next tier is 8%
  • 20% reduced prices and 14% reduced repair cost
  • 8% honor/adventure points, 13% xp increase in pvp and when killing mobs


  • Your mount consumes less fatigue 15%/30%/50%




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