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The Fantasy MMO everyone is waiting for

Gaming on top presents: Bless Online Powerleveling and Boosting Services

Bless promises to be the evolution of high fantasy MMO and lets its users dive into a beautifully designed world of Bless with breathtaking experiences that feel surreal. We have been waiting for a long time for this game to come out, and will be excited to share our experience with you!

Gaming on Top Powerleveling Services in Bless Online: Coming soon!  

– Time and hourly based grinding and farming
Subscribe with us for a hourly/daily/weekly or monthly deal. We will do your desired activity in Bless for the amount of time you choose. Rest assured, that our professional players know what they’re doing. After intensively testing and playing the game on the Russian and Japanese Servers we feel confident to claim that we know the game very well!
Bless Powerleveling on Top

– Gold Farming
In Bless online there will be no player to player trading. The auction house will have fixed prices. This basically means you will not be able to purchase your gold from other players or providers as you were used to do in many other games.
Though we still can help you out. We can farm gold for you on your account!
Gaming on Top – Bless Boosting to enhance your gaming experience!

– Level increase by farming, grinding and/or boosting
We’re aware that your time is very valuable and you want to focus on the fun part of the game. We help you taking away all the boring and repetitive content from you. Bless Boosting Deluxe!

– Story completion
Doing a game’s story for the first time is usually exciting and fun. Though if you want to try another class or race, or just another build, it’s not exciting at all to repeat all the story. We’re here for you to help with that!
Bless Online Powerleveling, Boosting by Professionals!

– Dungeons, Raids
At launch date there will be 8 dungeons. 2x Solo dungeons, 5x 5-man dungeons and 1x 10-man Raid-dungeon.
As exciting it might be for some people to do them over and over again, it can also be painful and time intensive if you just seek one single reward. We can help you to run and save your valuable time for more fun activities in Bless Online!
You won’t find better Bless Powerleveling anywhere else!

– Player vs Player – Honor Point gain
There will be open World PvP and various arena modes. The main reward in any PvP activity in Bless Online are Honor Points, that can be spent on Cosmetics, Gear and Upgrades. We are ready to help you grind the points!
Most Professional Bless Boosting and Powerleveling

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